Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Google works with NXP to put NFC in Android phones

NXP Semiconductors is working with search engine giant Google to create an open source software stack for Near Field Communications (NFC).

The NFC stack will be validated on Gingerbread, the latest version of the Android platform.

Google also integrated NXP’s NFC controller (PN544) into its newly launched Nexus S phone, co-developed by Google and Samsung.

As well supporting the development of NFC-enabled handsets, the aim is to drive the development of new applications that extend the touch interface of mobile applications beyond the devices screen.

"Google’s adoption of the technology will be a catalyst for the industry to drive the further adoption of NFC at both the handset and application levels," said Ruediger Stroh, executive v-p and general manager, identification business at NXP Semiconductors.

"Open source development environments will push the boundaries of innovation and drive revolutionary new services and applications for mobile devices," said Stroh

NFC-enabled devices can pair with accessories, interact on a peer-to-peer level to exchange data, and connect to external readers and tag systems.

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