Thursday, December 2, 2010

ESC Chicago Panel: Embedded Android good, but not for everyone

Manhasset, NY – Android for embedded is ready, but not for everyone. That was the conclusion at last week’s ESC Chicago where a panel of experts laid out Google Android's pros and cons before audience clearly intrigued by the platforms capabilities and rising popularity, yet concerned about whether or not its questionable ‘real time’ capabilities make it right for them.
The audience also pressed the panel on potential source code licensing traps, tool chains and how it stacks up against other Linux-based distributions such as MeeGo.

As audience participation rose, the discussion took shape around four key areas:

1: Why go with Android?

2: When should a designers not go with Android?

3: What are the ‘gotchas’ with Android development?

4: How does Android compare to MeeGo, another open-source Linux development platform?

5: Do you have to give up your source code for any Android applications you develop?

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