Saturday, February 26, 2011

Texas Instruments Introduces the New TPS54060 and TPS7A30/49 Power Management Development Kits

Texas Instruments introduced the new TPS54060 and TPS7A30/49, two power management development kits, which help designers generate the cleanest possible positive and negative voltage rails to power today’s analog circuits. The new TPS54060 and TPS7A30/49 development kits remove switching noise and increase the performance of data converters, operational amplifiers, clocks and other signal chain devices.
Designers can significantly enhance their system’s power performance by connecting the new TPS54060EVM-590 and TPS7A30-49EVM-567 evaluation modules for a complete low-noise reference design. TI’s new 60-V TPS54060 SWIFT™ switcher in an inverting buck-boost configuration generates a highly accurate, highly balanced positive and negative output voltage up to 18 volts. The switcher’s positive and negative voltage outputs are post-regulated with TI’s TPS7A30 and TPS7A49 low-noise high-PSRR LDOs.
Features of TPS54060EVM-590 and TPS7A30-49EVM-567:
  • High performance and low noise: Lowest possible switching noise, high PSRR.
  • Flexibility to support high positive and negative voltages.
  • Easy to use: Simply connect the two development kits to start evaluation.
  • Easy to order: Development kits ship in 24 hours.
The TPS54060 and TPS7A30/49 evaluation modules are available through the TI eStore. Suggested resale pricing for the TPS54060EVM-590 is $25 and TPS7A30-49EVM-567 is $20.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Embedded Systems Design - January/February 2011

Embedded Systems Design - January/February 2011
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Embedded Systems Design is a monthly magazine for engineers, programmers, and project leaders who build microcontroller and embedded microprocessor-based systems. The magazine's in-depth, technical articles are written by experts in the field and focus on practical ways for engineers to improve their hardware/software integration skills, software design, and optimization.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Microsemi and Sony Announce 3D-Capable Timing Controller Plus Local dimming LED Backlighting Solution

Microsemi announced collaboration with Sony Corporation Semiconductor Business Group (”Sony”) for the first open market 3D-capable timing controller plus local dimming LED backlighting solution for the manufacturing of lower cost, high volume next-generation LCD TVs. The combined solution includes a Sony timing and lighting controller, part number CXD4730GB and the Microsemi LED driver solution consisting of two chips, the DAZL!(TM)2000 series 32-port logic chip (LX24232) and 8-port LED driver power chip (LX23108L).

The complete turn-key reference design draws on Sony’s powerful video and light processing technology and Microsemi’s DAZL! LED drive technology, enabling the production of superior, high quality 3D and 2D images using LCD panels from a wide variety of manufacturers. The combined technologies allow lower cost 60 Hz refresh LCD panels to produce the image quality of more expensive 120 Hz panels, and enable 120 Hz panels to match the image quality of costly state of the art 240 Hz panels. TV designers, particularly in rapidly expanding markets such as China, can now create 3D-enabled LCD TVs with enhanced image motion quality and contrast ratio while reducing cost, simplifying design complexity and shortening time to market. Microsemi is also planning to extend its relationship with Sony to include support of Sony’s next generation of video and light processing technology.
Microsemi’s DAZL!2000 logic chip LX24232 and DAZL!2001 power chip LX23108L are sampling now and will be in full production March 2011.The timing and lighting controller from Sony (part number CXD4730GB) is available now.

More information about Timing Controller Plus LED Backlight can be found at Microsemi Website

link available : HERE