Saturday, January 1, 2011

Marson Technology Launches MT7930T, Dual Light Source (Bi-Color) CCD Barcode Scanner

The MT7930T dual light source barcode scanner is capable of reading the barcodes (e.g. colored or normal barcodes with various colored background) that are hard to be read by traditional red LED CCD scanner, providing excellent decoding efficiency to users. The Bi-color® scanner’s patent has been filed in many countries, such as Taiwan, Japan, Germany and China.

The MT7930T dual light source barcode scanner is in auto mode, which automatically switches its LED back and forth between green and red, illuminating by green LED if the barcodes are unable to be read under red light, and vise versa. Users can also configure the scanner into single light mode as appropriate.

More information about Bi-Color CCD Barcode Scanner can be found at Marson Technology website .

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