Thursday, January 13, 2011

Toshiba Announces LINUX-Based Embedded Systems for ARM9 Microcontrollers

Toshiba Electronics Europe and open source development and integration specialist kernel concepts have announced a range of free resources that will simplify the design of LINUX-based embedded systems built around ARM9 microcontrollers.

The free resource of kernel concepts are targeted at applications built on Toshiba’s TMPA9xx family of microcontrollers. They can also be used to speed development of applications based on the ARM9 CPU module from specialist distributor Glyn. Through access to these resources, and
the professional engineering support offered by kernel concepts, even engineers with little or no previous LINUX experience can rapidly implement LINUX systems - leaving them more time to concentrate on the application-specific aspects of their designs.

Toshiba’s TMPA9xx family of microcontrollers feature a 32-bit ARM926EJ-S core and offer a variety of peripherals and interfaces that make them ideal for industrial multimedia and human machine interface (HMI) applications. The new BSPs are designed for use with the respective microcontroller Starter Kits and provide a complete environment for building the LINUX system. Packages include the LINUX kernel, bootloader and ready-made root file system images.

More information about ARM-based LINUX systems can be found at Toshiba Components Website

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