Sunday, May 15, 2011

Embedded Web Server Controlling Garage Door

Here's a demo of anEmbedded Ethernet Web Server
making it possible to open and close my garage garage door
using an internet connected PC, or mobile device with internet connectivity
(in this case a Sony Playstation Portable).

The PC connection lags a little, maybe because it's using Wndows 7
with a version of Internet Explorer known to have issues with the server.

The Embedded SD card web server is a project from Silicon Chip magazine
The LCD display and driver chip add-on is my own design and programming.
Some source code modification was required to have the chip provide a pulse
output rather than toggled outputs.
This was achieved by altering the server code to output a flag with the serial
data burst sent to the LCD driver chip that includes the time of day.
The LCD driver chip sees this, and then it provides the pulse output to a relay
(seen on an external prototype PCB). The relay triggers the garage door opener.

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