Thursday, August 1, 2013

Volvo, Has the solution for recharging electric cars

Electric vehicles, despite being a reality today , many problems still have to be able to expand its use worldwide. Different solutions have been devised in recent years to facilitate recharging of batteries for these cars, but almost all involve a visit to a specialist station.Volvo thought differently.
The project called “Pure Tension” designed by the firm Synthesis Design + Architecture to recharge the Volvo V60 resulted in the creation of a folding structure with solar cells that can be easily transported in the trunk of the vehicle, which will produce energy virtually anywhere.
The idea with this project is that drivers can have a profitable way to recharge the battery of your vehicle. With Pure Tension would eliminate operating costs to replace a discharged battery to power the other to the top , as well as connecting the car to a charging station or directly to the household outlet.

Unfortunately, we still project Volvo has several disadvantages. First, the structure is 3 meters high and 7 meters in width and depth when deployed also takes 12 hours to fully recharge the battery of the Volvo V60 if weather conditions are ideal.
Volvo plans to Pure Tension show later this year as a prototype, but a version that is ready to market is still remote.
However, this development is likely to reach a point where Pure Tension can be more efficient to recharge the batteries and have a size that requires less installation space, with the aim of making the use of hybrid and electric cars much simpler and economic development.

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