Monday, June 25, 2012

Volkswagen Touareg part 2

Lane assist is also included in this pack, scanning the road ahead and warning you if you drift out of lane. It's a useful extra, but it doesn't automatically keep the car in the right lane, which rival systems, such as those on the new Ford Focus, do.
Front assist uses a radar sensor to monitor the traffic in front, letting the car maintain a constant distance behind the vehicle in front up to the speed limit that you set. It works really well and is easy to adjust, both for speed and distance, using the control stalk to the left of the steering wheel. The system can't be used to automatically apply the brakes in an emergency though, which is a shame as Ford has this on the new Focus.

You can easily adjust the cruise control speed and the distance to follow the vehicle in front at.
Parking sensors are fitted as standard to the front and rear, making parking such a big beast much easier, particularly in small spaces in London.
The clear parking sensor display makes it easy to part this large vehicle, even in tight spots.

They can be activated to come on automatically, but this can be annoying in some situations. Driving through rush hour traffic in London we were constantly bombarded with beeps as the parking sensors activated automatically by cyclists zooming behind us. Switching the system off so that it's only activated by putting the car in reverse is pretty easy thanks to the central touchscreen control system, plus there's a dedicated button to activate the system.
You can manually enable the parking sensors if you don't want them to turn on automatically.

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